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Road Stabilizer Application

posted Dec 14, 2019, 11:46 AM by EastHatchet Admin
As many of you have seen, our test of the hybrid road treatment was completed successfully. This product is magnesium chloride mixed with a sugar beet extract that has sugar and some pulp in it that stabilizes the road as well as controls dust losses of aggregate due to wind. This is why it looks darker than our treatment of only mag chloride last year. Since it was our second purchase from this vendor and we applied the product in their off-season, we received the same price as the large municipalities, a savings from last year. Additionally, we were able to negotiate a deal with Rye Fire for the free use of their tanker which has been stored here for years empty, saving money by not renting a water truck. Dan Warren fitted some additional piping in order to spray the water necessary to grade the roads and have them wet enough to accept the stabilizing product. Rye Fire was on-site to help drain the large cistern at the entrance, as it needs some repairs and leveling. They continued to supply free water with their fire tender on Thursday when the application was scheduled. Their support was tremendous and much appreciated. Along with dedicated personnel, the project was supervised by Chief Steve Bennett, who committed his department’s considerable resources to the project at no charge. We are extremely grateful for their support for two days. As a token of our appreciation, we treated the staff to a cold cut lunch, which was well received. Mike Williams will store the tanker at his facility on Wolfenberger Road and it will be available for our use in the future.

We hope this experiment has the results that we intended, and would like to hear from you regarding your experiences on this section of road. This is a costly undertaking and needs to be used judiciously, as this cost was approximately $10,000. Please contact a Board member or the Road Committee directly as these social media sites are not a chat forum monitored by the Board or Road Committee. All contact information is listed at There was a lot of time and effort put into this by the Road Committee and the Board trying to maximize the results and reduce costs. Mike Williams, our road contractor, was the driving force (literally) that was able to accomplish this event and juggle the many balls in the air for our benefit. Mike has been a part of the Hatchet family for over 15 years and we are deeply indebted to his commitment to our roads.

Additionally, others from the Ranch that deserve thanks include: Andrew Arnold, Tanya Carlin, Sheila Edelson, and Russ Jackson. Board members were involved from the beginning of this project from the negotiations with Rye Fire to the traffic directing on the application day. All these efforts saved thousands of dollars for the Association on this project and will generate savings in the future with the use of the Rye Fire tanker and preferred pricing from our supplier.

Schuyler Kellogg