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Putting in a Driveway Culvert?

posted Nov 21, 2017, 12:09 PM by EastHatchet Admin
    First recommendation – contact a Road Committee Member to determine a need and if so, location. This decision will be based on the expected "ditch" flow on the side of the road where the driveway will be located. Culverts should be 15" to 18" in diameter and made of corrugated steel or polyethylene. Culverts come in 20’ lengths, but should be installed with at least 6” to 12” of uncovered culvert on each side of the owner’s access road, which will allow tractor trailers, propane, garbage, and delivery trucks easy access without the danger of crushing the end of the culvert. 
     Improper culvert installation can cause flood or erosion damage, and though installation is the owner’s responsibility, it is generally placed in the HOA’s common area easement (37.5 feet from center of the road), so be sure to contact an expert before installation.