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Noxious Weeds at East Hatchet Ranch

posted Sep 24, 2015, 3:02 PM by EastHatchet Admin
    Turkey Creek Conservation District is a very valuable resource to our residents at East Hatchet Ranch. They will schedule a visit to your property to evaluate any need for noxious weed control. We have two weeds in particular here at East Hatchet that we want to be diligent in eradicating. The first is the Scotch thistle. It has a two-year life span. It's first year, it grows as a rosette:
          Its second and last year, it goes to full bloom, and if not managed, will spread hundreds of thousands of seeds:                 

             The second noxious weed here at EHR is the Diffuse Knapweed. It comes in both white and light purple, and has hundreds of thousands of seeds if left uncontrolled:



There is a link to more information about Turkey Creek Conservation District on the home page in the left navigation pane under Owner Resources.