About Us

East Hatchet Ranch Homeowners Association....

          Hatchet Ranch East, established in 1996,  is a planned community of over 19,000 acres located approximately 20 minutes south of Pueblo, Colorado.  It can be reached from Interstate 25 by using either Exit 77 (Hatchet Ranch Road) or Exit 74 (Colorado City).
          The ranch lies in the foothills of the Southern Rocky Mountains at elevations of 5000-6000 feet.  We receive about 12 inches of rain each year, which sustains the variety of prairie grasses and Pinon and Juniper trees that populate the ranch.  The ranch is also home to a wide range of animals including antelope, bear, deer, and elk.
         The Hatchet Ranch East Home Owners Association, Inc. represents the community interests of the owners of the 352 properties (300+ owners) that make up the ranch.  Each year the members of the Association elect a Board of Directors for the coming year.  These Directors volunteer their time to address a variety of community needs including collection of the annual dues used for the maintenance of the 50 miles of road that provide access throughout the ranch.