At the May 12, 2020 Board of Directors Meeting, the Board voted unanimously to postpone the East Hatchet Ranch Home Owners Association, Inc. Annual Meeting originally scheduled for Saturday July 11, 2020 at Craver Middle School. It has been confirmed that Craver Middle School will be closed until at LEAST September. The Board is considering other venues that will allow for maximum social distancing in accordance with the state’s Safer-at-Home mandate in reaction to the Coronavirus.

        At this time, it is uncertain when this situation will improve, and the since HOA is required to provide a 30-day-notification letter to all members - generally late May for a July meeting, timing is not optimal to move forward with the Annual Meeting.

      The Board is considering a September Annual Meeting. Continuing updates will be posted here; there will be a notice in the front bulletin board; and the official notification letter which will include the 2021 budget for member ratification will be mailed out with the required MINIMUM of thirty days’ notice.

        Thank you for your patience and best wishes to stay safe and healthy.

 Your Board of Directors

If You See Smoke – Call 911!

                 It appears that 2020 is going to be a nasty dry season.  There was a small lightning-caused fire out off McCarthy last Saturday (5.30.2020), to which 911’s call was forwarded to Rye Fire Department to respond, and they were able to put it out in short order.

                Today’s fire (6.5.2020) in Huerfano County off Turkey Ridge Road looked very ominous, but after calls into 911, Pueblo County Dispatch noted that Huerfano County firefighters were on scene and working diligently to knock it down.

                If you see smoke call 911 FIRST,  DO MENTION that you are located on East Hatchet Ranch.  Once they hear that – they will dispatch Rye Fire.  DO NOT CALL RYE FIRE FIRST!  They cannot respond without the call from Pueblo County 911.

   New Colorado HOA Legislation

           Legislation (HB16-1149) was passed in 2016 which took effect July 1, 2018, that may assist our association in the challenge of maintaining a high standard of quality for the future of our neighborhood.
        As some of you may know, there was an inequity in the law that governed certain HOAs that were formed between mid-1992 and mid-1998, capping their Common Assessments at $300.00 and not allowing them to apply an inflation adjustment to their annual dues and special assessments without becoming subject to many Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA) requirements. Our HOA is included in this group.
        EHRHOA is exempt from the total entirety of the Act. However, we are covered under the new Colorado Revised Statutes, which allows a dues increase with a maximum $400 cap, and includes an annual cost of living adjustment tied to the Denver area Consumer Price Index (CPI) as published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
        At the 2018 Annual Meeting, member attendees were asked for ideas on how best to accomplish the increase in dues in order to maintain our roads to the maximum of our ability. The overwhelming consensus was to raise the dues for 2019 by $50 per lot, for a total of $350 per lot. The dues for 2020 would again be raised by $50 per lot to the maximum cap of $400, PLUS the annual adjustment to be determined by the CPI, which was established at 2.7%.  At the December meeting of the Board of Directors, the Board voted to approve only a 2% increase, so the total dues for 2020 will be $408.00 per lot.
        Your Dues Invoices will be going out in the 2020 Newsletter, and will be due upon receipt. Dues received after March 1, 2020, will be assessed a late fee.

 Please be sure to help keep
your contact data current with EHRHOA so
you receive all ranch information. 

   ! Official Notice !
Commercial Growth of Marijuana Prohibited
on East Hatchet Ranch

       The vote of the members in Jun 2016 to amend our Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, and Easements to add Section 2.7 which will prohibit commercial marijuana growth on East Hatchet Ranch closed on June 15, 2016, and as required by our Declaration, was approved by at least 75% of the voting power of East Hatchet Ranch.  The amendment to East Hatchet Ranch Declaration has been filed with Pueblo County and was effective June 17, 2016.  The amendment is stated below and included in the Declaration covenants on this website:

Section 2.7  Marijuana. No lot or structure (residence, outbuilding, barn, shed, or other structure) within  the East Hatchet Ranch Property may be used to grow, cultivate, harvest, cure, store, or manufacture marijuana or its products for commercial use.  No road maintained by the Association or easement granted to the Association may be used to transport commercial marijuana or its products. 

 Nothing in this section precludes growing or transport of marijuana or its products for personal use in accordance with Section 12-43.1-101 et seq., Colorado Revised Statutes.

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Emergency Notification Services - Opt-in

       Residents and owners may opt in to the Pueblo County Emergency Telephone Notification Services with their cellphone and/or VoIP phone numbers at this website:

Pueblo County Sheriff's Department Reverse 911 Opt-In

       Landline phones are automatically entered in the ENS, however, cellphone and VoIP numbers must register in order to take advantage of this 911 service program.  

  If you see cattle in distress or 
you have concerns contact:

Mark Richardson:  719-650-9400
Emma Richardson:  719-650-3037  

Considering Building a Barn/Agricultural 
or Other Accessory Building?

        Pueblo County now requires an Acknowledgment Form to be completed and signed prior to construction of all agricultural/accessory buildings. The property owner must acknowledge that the proposed building will not be used to grow marijuana or its products. This form is available to download, print, and complete and is located under "Association Documents - Printable Forms and Maps" here on the left.

Blast Text Enhancements

       As of December 1, there are now 103 members in our Hatchet Ranch text group. We have added two-way texting so that in a real time emergency any recipient of a text can respond with additional information regarding the current issue. These responses will go to a group of members who have been selected by their location around the Ranch for optimal coverage of our neighborhood and re-transmission of any valuable information. 

        We would encourage you to reply with any pertinent information that you may observe. The texts will come from “hatchetranch” and our private number is 719-401-6099 so that you recognize the sender.
        This service is for occasional use for the transmission of information to residents and not a system to communicate to the Board about individual issues. As always, feel free to contact a Board member by phone or e-mail at the numbers and addresses supplied on our website: www.hatcheteast.org.

Fences, Gates, and "The Code of the West"

        As a EHRHOA landowner, we are all a part of a community that allows open-grazing for the cattle owned and managed by EHRHOA owners Emma and Mark Richardson. Your property tax rate is at agricultural rates primarily because of this open-grazing business.
        Any member may fence their own property (but should keep in mind this may change the property tax rate on their property if it is entirely fenced).
        During the Wild Wild West years, fences and gates were a topic of major disagreements. However, over the years, the ranchers and cattlemen developed an unwritten “Code of the West,” which basically says that any and all fences and gates in the area should be left alone. Here on East Hatchet Ranch, if gates are closed, they should remain closed. 
        The Richardsons report that more than once, a gate or two has been left open by unknown person(s), which causes issues with non-EHRHOA neighboring properties that are on a Conservation Reserve program. Even worse, it also could cause unfortunate and dangerous breeding issues with the smaller heifers and larger bulls. 


Hunting on East Hatchet Ranch
          There is NO HUNTING WITHOUT PERMISSION anywhere on East Hatchet Ranch. Owners may give written permission to hunt on their OWN properties, which does not include any other areas on EHRHOA. There is a form available through the link on the right: "Printable Forms and Maps." If an owner believes there may be illegal hunting activity, the owner is encouraged to contact the Division of Wildlife at 719-561-5300 or 719-248-9688.

Help keep our roads in top condition by:

  • Driving under 30 mph to reduce wash-boarding.
  • Encouraging others to slow down.